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Familiar Forest

Traditionally, young elves choose their life's path based on the tree they feel mostly deeply connected to: Oak for steadfastness, Ash for flexibility, Willow for empathy. But when you're pulled in different directions like Tegwyn, how do you make your choice? Children's series.


Belfast’s bike-riding Harbour Police have a lot of challenges to deal with: drug shipments, human trafficking, the ever-changing regulatory impact of Brexit, film crews shooting the latest hit TV show, cruise ships full of tourists, and cobblestones. Envisaged as a 6 part series.

Visiting Hours

When developments in hypnosis and virtual reality allow people to experience any moment of their past with perfect clarity, a surgeon wants to revisit an operation that cost the life of a young patient. Her widowed mother chooses to see the love of her life one last time, while her friend goes back to the home country he can never set foot in again. But the technology is not without its risks, and the danger is that spending too much time in the past can leave you with no future. 3 episodes.

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