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When two rival ghosts haunt Brendan's struggling bar, he just wants them gone. But when his half-baked attempts to reclaim his pub end up adding to his spiritual crisis, he has to make a difficult bargain to get rid of his unwanted guests.

The Cheek

A personal trainer’s dream of running his own business is thwarted when he loses the premises to a refugee group, so when a family of refugees move into the neighbourhood, they’re the ideal scapegoats for his campaign of petty vengeance. But in a crisis moment when he’s at his most vulnerable, his neighbour shows him that there are different paths.


When a church brochure reaches Viking Bjorn, he's touched that after decades of pillaging anyone would invite him anywhere. But after a Sunday of sermons, singing and sandwiches, will Bjorn's desire for polite society outweigh his warrior's training? And who, in the end, will end up converting who?

After crossing the wrong person in the pub on Halloween night, three friends experience 24 hours of instant karma when their costume choices are turned against them.

Dark & Stormy

The powerful narrator of a schlock horror film struggles with a young woman who refuses to play the victim. Literally.

The Last Ride

As the aging guardian of a creature who will live many times his lifespan, Arthur tries to come to terms with his replacement, and his own mortality.


When walking on eggshells is no longer enough, a desperate woman takes drastic action to free herself from her controlling husband.

Shiny Things

A thieving magpie watches as a young man at the end of his tether relives the highest and lowest moments of his life, and when he looks like he might throw it all away, she offers him a different perspective.

Just for a laugh, a Dungeons & Dragons group of misfits has a go at summoning a real demon, and gets both more and less than they bargained for.


A cat wants nothing more than to be with his family, but death gets in the way. Animated, no dialogue.

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