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Go Time

A football-mad young man with special needs never gets picked for the team, but his neighbour, a former US women’s soccer player, may be the secret weapon he desperately needs to improve his chances. But they’ll have to find a way to turn individual weaknesses into team strengths if they want to make the playoffs.

Hell or High Water

A small community is hit by flash floods every few years, but they’re well prepared to weather it together. That is, until people start disappearing.

Mother's Ruin

When a single mother has to cut her chemistry degree short and come home to help out in the pub her family has run for generations, she has a choice: be the same old girl for the same old locals, or bet her family’s legacy – and their future - on gin.


Wigs are big business in 18th Century London, where socialites are only as impressive as their hair. How does the town’s worst barber suddenly start producing the most sought-after wigs? Simple: he starts a gang to steal them.


After a long career re-cutting stolen diamonds for a gang of international jewel thieves, Henry has skimmed enough off-cuts to make sure that his estranged daughter will be well supported. But when he discovers that the 12 biggest diamonds in the gang’s latest haul are all fakes, he has to prove his innocence – and hide his guilt.


A lonely black wolf in Juneau, Alaska earns a playful reputation with local dog walkers. As he begins to share his world with humans, the community is in conflict over how to react to this wild animal. It's only when tragedy strikes that they realise what he meant. Based on a true story.

The Wedding Dress

Created from an airman’s parachute in the middle of a world war, a wedding dress transforms over the decades – and transforms the lives it touches along the way.

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